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... San Miguel de Allende is all about art. Known as one of the premier art destinations in Latin America, San Miguel art galleries are steadily gaining international appeal for the incredible works that can be found here. Visitors flock from across the globe to take in the exceptional art galleries, theaters and street fairs from both local and international artists.

We haven't visited all of these galleries, but there are many worth visiting and these brief snapshots plus the information provided by the artists and curators in their websites will help you to zero in on finding the areas of your interest.

MARCIA DWORKIN Artist statement: "Each brushstroke is a reflection of my inner state. Even though the subject matter varies, each painting reflects my soul.The ability to express myself beyond words and offer beauty to the world is my goal. The act of painting fills me with joy.Blending the emotional need to paint with critical artistic skills into new forms is a magical process for me." From PAINTINGS OF MARCIA DWORKIN by Rochelle Treister, Atencion San Miguel 2005: "Have you ever wanted to chat with artists about their work? It's not always easy to arrange. Artists in the throes of creation are too busy to chat. They put their work in galleries or hire agents and keep themselves hidden from the public eye. But here's your chance. Marcia has been a serious artist in both Canada and Mexico for the last decade. Marcia Dworkin's paintings evoke powerful, haunting emotions that are sought after by private collectors around the world. Upon first glance, Ms. Dworkin's artistry speaks volumes, and stays with you long after you have exited the exhibit. Having studied for several years in Canada -- at the Halliburton School of Fine Art, the AGO, and City Sculpture under Al Greene and Marion Kanteroff -- and in Mexico with world-renowned South African Margarette Dawit, Ms. Dworkin draws on previous experiences as a realtor, social worker, mother, and writer. Her works range from representational to abstract expressionism, and include larger-than-life oils on canvas, mixed media, handmade paper, and casts in bronze. Address:Pial #21, Centro. Phone:152-4280.

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MARILO CARRAL has concentrated more on the landscape, moving ever closer to a more monochromatic palette and thus injecting a certain mystery which was absent from earlier works; where the former flowers and landscapes sung aloud with spontaniety and joy, these new, more mysterious landscapes are romantically quiet and yet, sensuous and exciting, as the pause before a happenning, and somehow denote a greater maturity in the artist's trajectory. Address:Fabrica la Aurora #9A, Phone:152-4216.; Link to web site

MARIO MIZRAHI Mizrahi's art will leave you spellbound. Luscious colors. Mischievous characters. An intriguing glimpse of something deeper. Welcome to the World of Mizrahi... Address:San Pedro #14, Centro. Phone: 121-0828 Email: Link to web site

MARY CALDERONI A native of Odessa Texas , Calderoni began painting at an early age, and continued through college. After graduating from the University of Texas and she moved to Venezuela, where she continued her art studies at the Bellas Artes in Caracas and Maracaibo. During those 12 years she exhibited and participated in various shows and salons. Upon returning to Texas, she received scholarships and awards at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts’ Glassell School, and continued her learning process, by studying in France, Italy, and Mexico. She painted and exhibited in “ Studio 7 “ with 6 professional artists in the warehouse district of Houston for over 12 years. Calderoni is presently living and working in San Miguel de Allende. She is the “founding artist” at the Aurora Art and Design Center of San Miguel. With her emphasis on color and textures, her large abstract works are about ancient subjects-- but painted in a contemporary style. She often incorporates found objects: local earth or sand, rusty metals, and pieces of actual colonial walls, hand ground into the pigments and applied to the surface. One can envision warm, earthy colors, ancient colonial walls or pre–Hispanic pyramid walls, aged patinas, and crusty layers, with glimpses of messages and drawings from the past. Her paintings are part of prestigious private and public collections in many countries, and she is represented by several galleries in the USA and Mexico. Address:Fabrica la Aurora #10A. Cell Phone: 044 1 (415) 103-0149. Email: Link to web site

MARY RAPP (From "Atencion" San Miguel, Jan 2000:) "Her sculptural techniques range from architectural constructs in copper and cement to sensitive studies and portraits in clay and bronze. The works on paper range from large monoprints and mixed media to pencil sketches. Though her scope is wide, there is no doubt these works are from the same relentless synthesizing eye." Address:Fabrica la Aurora #1D. Phone:154-9259. Email:;

NAVARRO TADEO La escencia precolombina transformada en elementos contemporáneos. Navarro Tadeo nos muestra una visión artística llena de símbolos con piezas escultóricas y pinturas únicas en color y estilo, un acercamiento multisensorial al arte en obras que hacen alegoría a la muerte y al mismo tiempo celebran la vida. Address:Hernandez Macias #118, Centro. Phone:152-7414. Email:; Link to web site

NOYOLA FERNANDEZ GALLERY Arte Moderno & Contemporaneo. Address: Fabrica la Aurora Local 4A-1, Phone:154-9911. Email: Link to web site

PATRICIA MAHAN Found Art Assemblage using recycled metal, wood, clay, paint, collage and other found objects d’art. Artist Statement, "Mixed media sculptures and wall shrines reflect my unique sensibilities of the world around me, from the junk art I find to the Mexican culture I live in, you can be sure to find something that unique, engaging and thought provoking. My pieces both amuse and intrigue everyone who sees them." Showings:Only by Appointment. Phone: 154-0462, U.S. Phone: 1 (210) 401-3531. Email: Link to web site

RAE MILLER is a self-taught artist who began painting at the age of 12. She painted with oils, acrylics and water media before discovering Encaustics in 2001, while living in Marin County, California. She has exhibited her work in numerous shows and venues. Raé is a founding member of International Encaustic Artists, a member of SAZWAX, the Encaustic Art Institute, Texas Wax, and was a Board Member of Indian Valley Artists, the artist’s group who laid the groundwork for what is now the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art in Novato, California. She offers workshops in Encaustic Painting and Encaustic Monotype in her Studio/Gallery. Encaustic is the use of beeswax, pigment and Dammar resin in combination with heat to create art. Encaustic – from the Greek, meaning “to burn in” – is an ancient medium. Some of the most well-known encaustic art pieces from ancient times are the Fayum Portraits, which are funerary portraits painted onto coffins, in Greco-Roman Egypt. Encaustic is as durable as other art media. Address:Fabrica La Aurora, Local #11C. Cell Phone: 044 1 (415) 112-3028 Email: Link to web site

RODRIGO RIVERO-LAKE Address:Barranca #31, Centro. Phone:154-5567.

SANTIAGO CORRAL The gallery: Santiago Corral "contemporary art" is located on the principal hallway near the entrance, in the Fabrica La Aurora. The gallery opened at the end of January, 2009, with the aim to permanently exhibit the work of the famous Mexican artist, which consists of three basic themes: still life, human figures and landscapes, most of which are oil on canvas, pastel, and prints, among other techniques. Address: Fabrica la Aurora #18A. Cell Phone: 044 1 (415) 113-748, Email:

SILVIA VELASQUEZ Address:Privada del Chorro #6, Centro. Phone:152-4468, Email: Link to web site

TERRA MIZWA Artist Statement, "I was born a twin into a large family living in a small house during the 1950's of artistic parents. My first passion was studying the human body. I then began working with clay about 35 years ago, mostly figurative sculpture. After spending most of my life in northern California, I now live with my husband and two cats in San Miguel de Allende." Address:Fabrica la Aurora #2D. Cell Phone:044 1 (415) 114-5018. Email: Link to web site

TERRY ANN TOMLINSON Artist Statement, "I am really drawn to paper. Ever since I discovered the world of handmade paper while visiting Mexico in 2002, it has become my obsession. The accessibility of paper allows me to explore new ways of expressing my emotional life. The fragility and temporary qualities of paper are constant reminders of these aspects within myself and in the world around me.The undiscovered qualities of handmade paper stimulate my imagination. When I work , I begin with an idea. During the process, new images begin to emerge from the paper itself and from my subconscious. Inspired by the texture, color and unpredictability of wet pulp, the final work often evolves from the original concept. My work is abstracted in imagery, minimal in content, direct in feeling, all in an attempt to capture a glimpse of the spiritual reality that unites all forms of life. When making paper I am connected to nature and its cycles in a direct way. The reoccurring theme that spontaneously appears in my art is transformation. Even the paper I make goes through the process of being destroyed in its original plant form, only to be transformed into a work of art. Repetition is another theme in my work. Partly it is driven by my obsession with the medium and the never ending possibilities hand paper-making provides. Mostly it is influenced by the repetition that exits in nature - forms repeating over and over, each with its own identity.Fascinated by the harmony and the contrast of paper to the world around me, I cast, embed and collage the paper with a variety of materials such as metal, found objects, thread, mica and text to create my personal imagery. In some work I use nagashizuki, the Japanese papermaking technique, with traditional kozo and abaca fibers. I feel that these pieces further convey the more sensual, translucent and refined qualities inherent in handmade paper." Address:Terraplen #29, Centro. Phone:152-2616, U.S. Phone: 1 (845) 679-6554 Email: Link to web site

WHITFIELD GALLERY was conceived in 2004 and since then the gallery has had quite an evolution from representing many artists to concentrating on only a few with an emphasis on Michael French and Francois Chartier. Whitfield Gallery has had extensive experience in helping collectors with their acquisitions for their collections and in working with designers and decorators with special giclee editions and original paintings. Address:Home Office (Only by appointment). Phone:150-0094 , U.S. Phone:1 (917) 438-7192.; Link to web site

WILLIAM MARTIN paints in the tradition of the great masters, using techniques that have been almost lost by modern artists. Martin was born in Mexico City in 1953. His childhood was full of travel throughout Mexico, where he absorbed the local culture, along with Spanisn and French cultures that occupied the country for many years. During his youth, the Martin family moved to California, where he began painting in oil. At twenty, he was mentored by a local artist, and, a few months later, he began teaching his own classes. After twenty years of teaching and growing as an artists, Martin dedicates himself completely to art and hopes to share his knowledge. Martin's work captures the rich textures and shades of exotic forests, antique fabric, the delicate edge of cut glass, dazzling the series of fresh fruit and flowers with polished copper and silver. Martin tempts the viewer to select a grape, to caress a fabric, or draw close to a rose. The sensual subjects of his compositions emerge and withdraw, transporting the viewer into a universe of light and shadow. To create this effect, Martin uses 15th century crystal techniques. Mixing layer upon layer of transparent paint, atop smears of color that linger below the surface of the painting. Martin creates a different world, a calm and mysterious refuge where objects somehow become more than they are. Martin's vision creates a primitive world. Address: Fabrica la Aurora #18C, Phone:152-7190. Email:;

YAM GALLERY Featuring the art of: PREM SARJO,RES, HUGO NUÑEZ, TAKA FERNÁNDEZ, JESSE BERT, ANA THIEL, DONNY JOHNSON, PAUL RODRÍGUEZ, and JAVIER AREÁN. Address:Instituto Allende, Ancha de San Antonio #20, Centro. Phone:150-6052; Link to web site

YURI ZATARAIN Mexican painter, sculptor and engraver. Born in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico, in 1972. Studied industrial design, Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara. This contemporary Mexican artist has been part of countless art collections in New York, Paris, Berlin, London and Mexico. Yuri Zatarain has been living for the past six years his “Lover’s Stories”, which he has captured in his works, writing each and every one of his thoughts. It is this poetry that governs his life and his art. Address: Hidalgo #4-A, Centro. Phone: 121-0643.;; Link to web site

ZOCALO is the culmination of years of passionate collecting and friendships forged with Mexico's most-talented artisans. Discover museum quality works by Tiburcio Soteno, Felipe Linares, Francisco Flores and many additional "Grand Masters" of Mexico. Address:Hernández Macías #110, Centro. Phone:152-0663. Email: Link to web site

ZOHO opened in 2006 and offers some of the most dynamic art in San Miguel. Artists Lane Van Doren, Marshall Dackert, Alfonso Marti, Mike Kleimo, Ellen Johnson, and Patrica Mahan create a diverse and exciting combination of painting, ceramics, metal working, and sculpture that has made ZOHO one of the premier galleries in San Miguel. Hours of operation are from 11 am to 5pm Monday through Saturday. Come visit ZOHO on the first Friday of every month for Fabrica la Aurora's Art Walk, from 6 - 8pm. Address: Fabrica la Aurora #1C. Phone:155-9432. Link to web site

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